If you don't already have experience of hiring microphones and radio mics, here are a few pointers to help you choose what to hire. Dynamic microphones are good for many purposes such as vocals and instruments and they'll work with pretty much any mixer. Condenser mics require external 'phantom' power although some can work from a battery. Condenser mics are usually more sensitive than dynamic mics, especially at higher frequencies. Cardioid describes the pickup pattern as a rough heart shape; most sensitive directly in front and least sensitive immediately behind. A hypercardioid mic has a longer, narrower pickup pattern but usually also has a small sensitive patch just behind the mic. PZMs collect sound via a solid surface, thus giving an even response within a particular area and making them good for ambient room or stage sound. Radio mic hire is available as handheld, headset or tie clip kits. We deal with the licensing you'll need for them and will provide you with a copy when you collect the hire. Radio mic tie clip capsules and lightweight headsets are delicate; please be careful.





£ per week

Sennheiser G3 300 UHF 8way networked kit




Sennheiser G3 300 UHF 4way networked kit




Sennheiser G3 300 UHF single radio mic kit




Proel HcM3/23 super light weight beige headset




Sennheiser K6/ME66 mic, clip, thread adapt, case




Sennheiser ME34 cardioid stem mic




Sennheiser ME35 cardioid stem mic




AKG C747 mic




CM-502 hanging vocal mic




Crown PCC160 boundary mic




Eagle/Monacor PZM mic




SHURE SM57 mic




SHURE SM58 mic




DM-868 Period mic Modern 50's/60's style mic




Sennheiser MD22




BG1.1 mic




Behringer ECM8000 mic
















All the mixers listed have two main outputs and various auxilliary outputs as shown. Most have a combination of mono and stereo input channels. Ask us if you need more detail as there are many different facilities available.





£ per week

ROLAND M300 Digital 32 Channel




ALLEN & HEATH ZED1402FX 14 channel with FX








Behringer Xenyx 502 mixer 1 Mic/ 2 stereo inputs




Citronic SM450 mixer








Ask about our audio multicores and digital stage boxes


















K-Array KR400s PA System 2 x 21" sub and 2 x 24x3" 2m column




K-Array KR200s PA System 2 x 18" sub and 2 x 32x2" 2m column




ELECTROVOICE Phoenix PA System 2 x twin 18" sub & 2 x twin 15”, 1x2”




ELECTROVOICE ZX1 Passive 200w 8” Speake




ELECTROVOICE ZLX12P 12” Active PA or floor monitor




ELECTROVOICE  ZXA5 High power 15” Active PA or floor monitor




DAS Arco 4T switchable speakers (pai) High power 15” Active PA




Yamaha MS101 Mk2 speake 10W powered 1x mic(jack) 2 x line(phono)








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Robe DLX4

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